PAYMENTS is a platform that simplifies and fastens your bill paying process. The innovation is you to have all your bills under one application means more freedom and time with the family.  you are in charge and you can easily track your expenses on weekly, monthly or even annual basis.

With PAYMENTS you can track all your bills, check your balances, and pay them instantly when they are due. Autopay allows you to set your payments up from month to month so you will never miss another due date again.

The Application allows you to set alerts that notifies you that you have upcoming due dates the day of, or days before so you do not forget. After your bills are paid you will receive confirmation that the bill is paid. The in app calendar shows you all your bill due dates making it easy to track and prioritize on which bills should be paid first. You have the freedom to add your payday to the calendar
which allows you to know when funds are available for payment of your bills without any much ado.

Our goal is to make your life easier by providing you with the best and most efficient ways of paying your bills at the convenience of your phone. Using this application mean you no longer have to spend hours every month sitting in front of a computer remembering your logins and what bills are due and pending, and whether or not you have suffiecient funds. With payments you will not only save time and money but be able to spend more valuable time with your friends and family while everything is taken care of on your behalf.